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Divider Curtain

Item: GC-4 - Full Acoustic Roll Up Divider Curtain

The curtain is supplied complete with valences and alcoves to completely seal off the gym when the curtain is down. the 8" (203 mm) space between the walls of the curtain almost totally eliminates sound transmission, when installed with valences and alcoves. The roll-up design reduces stress points and the curtain remains flat and crease free. This curtain model has the added feature of absolutely no exposed hardware. the curtain rises to within 19" of overhead and is not suitable where end(s) of the curtain is exposed.

Electrical requirement: 3-phase, 6 Amp at the end of the curtain near the key switch.

The curtain is made from two (2) individual panels that are joined to rest on the floor to make a positive sound seal. Panels have a continuous tie at mid height attached to an aluminum extrusion. This tie isolates the extrusion from transmitting sound from one side to the other. Curtain walls are separated 190 mm (7 ") and contain two (2) 32 mm (1 ") ballast pipes that rest 25 mm (1") above floor to hold curtain flat and free of creases.

Curtain rolls up to within 482 mm (19") of overhead which is superior to a conventional fold up double wall that folds to 1270 mm (50") from overhead with similar sound transmission and savings in cost, makes this curtain a best buy for an acoustic barrier. Supplied with valences and alcoves as required – please specify.

The system includes a 2hp, 3-phase tubular motor installed in one end of a custom anodized 140 mm (5 1/2") aluminum extrusion at half curtain height. Motor is thermally protected and contains an electric brake, planetary gear system and limit switches. Motor control is by electric contactors operated by a spring-loaded key switch. When energized, the motor and center aluminum extrusion rotates, this results in the tube winding up the lower portion of the curtain as it rolls itself up the upper portion of the curtain. The torque reaction of the motor is transmitted via a car system that is contained in a track mechanism mounted to the wall in line with the curtain from half height up to the overhead.

Model offered:

#4-35 - 1.1 k./sq.m. All Vinyl
32 oz./sq.yd. All Vinyl

  • Patented Center Roll up design
  • High lift for maximum clearance, 381 mm (15") to underside of beam
  • No stress points as entire curtain rolls up evenly across the entire length (width)
  • No oversized overhead structure required to accommodate a heavy concentrated load
  • 30 ft./min. raising and lowering speed
  • Made from Sound Stop 32, best weight / dB reduction ratio material available
  • Built in electric brake
  • Inertia brake
  • Manual override, (optional)
  • 240V 3 phase power
  • Smooth wrinkle free appearance of curtain
  • No routine maintenance required
  • Made from three (3) separate replaceable panels
  • 5 year warranty on motor
  • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain
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