GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 24 Retractable Stage partly closed Retractable Stage fully closed with Stage Padding RS-1 Retractable Stage (Face Mounted) Priced per job RS-2 Retractable Stage (Pocket Mounted) Priced per job Retractable Stage nests for storage, allowing the user to have a multi purpose room for other events or classes. Operation of the stage will be by a key switch mounted into the wall allowing the user to open or close the stage as required.Thick reinforced plywood decks, with your choice of floor covering. Under deck ribbing provides for a solid base and understructure. RS-6 - Padding for Retractable Stages Stage padding designed to fit in front of retractable stages. RS-4 - Skirting for Retractable Stages Stage skirting designed to fit in front and on the sides of retractable stages. RS-7 Portable Steps Steps are 304.8 mm (12”) deep by 863.6 mm (34”) wide. Steps are surfaced with slip resistant gray polypropylene. Step unit clamps securely to any area of the stage perimeter. Includes two wheels for easy handling. Suitable for use with Retractable Stage. Size 914.4 mm X 685.8 mm X 406.4 mm (36” X 27” X 16”). Can be used with stage height 406.4 mm & 609.6 mm (16” & 24”) Weight 29 Kg (64 lbs.) STRA2 Stage Ramp • Portable Stage Ramp designed to fit RS-1 or RS-2 Retractable Stage. • Includes a 1524 mm x 1524 mm (5’ x 5’) platform and 4 sections of 1828.8 mm (6’) long ramp. • Includes decking and support and guard rails. • Provides wheel chair access to any event. • Easy to set up. • Versatile configuration options. • Secure guardrails provide safety and assistance. • When not in use, takes down easily for compact storage. Priced per job Shipping Wt. Per Job RS-7