GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 34 come with non-marking rubber floor protectors and non-marking rubber wheels for ease of transportation. VB-755 Shipping Wt. 43.1 Kg ( 95 lbs.) VB-756 Shipping Wt. 45.4 Kg (100 lbs.) SUPER UNI POST SYSTEM VB-754 FOLDING PORTABLE REFEREE STAND • Constructed from rectangular tubing • Non-skid plywood platform • Platform dimensions 610 mm X 610 mm (24” X 24”) • Overall height 2235 mm (88”) • Shipped assembled Shipping Wt. 34 Kg (75 lbs.) VB-754SP REFEREE STAND SAFETY PADDING (Not shown) Safety padding is designed to attach to the front and sides of VB-754 REFEREE STAND to provide maximum player protection. Manufactured with durable 18 oz vinyl and shock absorbing 1 1/4” polyethylene foam. Shipping Wt. 13.6 Kg (30 lbs.) VB-755 “SUPER UNI END POST” VB-756 “SUPER UNI CENTER POST” Versatilecombinationpost,forVolleyballorBadminton,designed tomeetallrecommendationsasoutlinedbytheCanadianVolleyball Association. The quick and positive height adjustments, to meet all height categories as recommended by the Canadian Volleyball Association are made by means of a spring loaded plunger and securingtwistknob.Theslidingpulleycanbetosetatanyadditional heightfrom 1117.6mm(3’8”)upto2438.4mm(8’0”). Noadditional bolts, set screws or eyebolts are required. Comes complete with a WN-170 all purpose heavy duty winch already mounted. Units VB-755 VB-754 VB-755SP END POST SAFETY PADDING Safety padding covers all braces and posts. Made from vinyl covered 31.75 mm (11 /4 ”) ethafoam 1828.8 mm (6’0”). Shipping Wt.13.6 Kg (30 lbs.) VB-756SP CENTRE POST SAFETY PADDING (Not shown) Specifications same as for VB-755SP Shipping Wt. 11.3 Kg (25 lbs.) VB-756