GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 36 BN-250 Championship caliber; knotless heavy black nylon; fully taped; 6.1 M X .8 M (20’ X 2.5’ ) BN-250 Cable Top BN-250A Rope Top Shipping Wt. .4 Kg (1 lbs.) Badminton Posts BN-93B 38.1 mm (11 /2 ”) Steel Badminton End Post. Shipping Wt. 5.9 Kg (13 lbs.) BN-93BC 38.1 mm (11 /2 ”) Steel Badminton Centre Post. Shipping Wt. 5.9 Kg (13 lbs.) BN-94B 60.452 mm (23 /8 ”) Steel Badminton End Post. Shipping Wt. 20 Kg (44 lbs.) BN-94BC 60.452 mm (23 /8 ”) Steel Badminton Centre Post. Shipping Wt. 10 Kg (22 lbs.) BN-93B BN-93BC Badminton Nets, Racquets and Shuttles Regulation Net 6.02m x 76cm x 18mm. Black 8m Kevlar tension cord Training Net 6.10m x 76cm x 20mm. Black H607-06 Portable Badminton Posts - Pair • Manufactured with 48.26 mm (1.9”) O.D. steel tubing for strength and durability • Height is quickly and easily adjusted by sliding an adjustable collar up or down the post • Side cleats tightly secure the net ropes • All posts come with hooks on both sides for use as end or center posts • Floor sockets are not required • Wheels on the weighted base make it easy to move posts around your gym 231 H6001-06 E05 E99 E433 N58 N59 E05 Senior Badminton Racquet E99 Ultra Light Badminton Racquet - with cover E433 Titan Tech 433 Badminton Racquet N58 Tournament Indoor Shuttles - Blue Band N59 Institutional Indoor Shuttles - Blue Band Pickleball PPKNET20 Pickleball Net System includes frame, net, carry bag PKB2 Pickleball Racquet For beginners to Intermediate players PT15S Set of 6 ABS Pickleball Racquets G9 Individual Pickleball PSCW9 Set of 6 rainbow colours G9PK Set of 12 Pickleballs