GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 10 BASKETBALL The Torkwinch™ TW2000 is a definite purpose electric winch designed specifically for use on basketball backstop positioning applications. The winch was designed to set a new standard in terms of safety, simplicity of installation, space efficiency, attractive appearance and ease of use. This electric 1HP/.75 KW winch will raise and lower any conventional basketball backstop from a BB-11 wall swing-up type to BB-17 ceiling mounted units. This winch comes complete with key up-down switching and heavy duty limit switches controlling the raised and lowered positions of the backstop. Weight 29 Kg (64 lbs.) TW2000™ Torkwinch Electric Winch Keyswitch and Key A new winch specifically designed to improve safety and convenience in manual winching applications. Weight 17 Kg (38 lbs.) Torkwinch™ TW700 Manual Winch SS1 - Safety Sign Sign to be placed under basketball units. Recommended for all winch raised basketball units. Aluminum, rounded corners. 304.8 mm X 304.8 mm (12” X 12”), 7.9 mm (5 /16 ”) holes in each corner. Weight .2 Kg (.5 lbs.) Remote control to operate up to 25 backstops. Raise and lower basketball backstops without keyswitch. LED display. Call for more information. Weight .5 Kg (1 lbs.) BB-1198 25 Station Remote Control Transmitter BB-49 Posilok™ Safety strap for basketball backstops and gymnasium curtains. • Max weight of suspended load - 1,000 lbs./450 kg. • Strap breaking strength - 7,300 lbs./3,318 kg. • Tripping speed-sudden free- fall - 0.46 metres per sec./1.5 feet per sec. • Self checking- checks the speed of rotating reel 6 times per revolution and will lock if the trip speed is exceeded, under any condition. BB-1199 Remote Control Receiver 1 remote control receiver required for each backstop. Weight .5 Kg (1 lbs.) The LYNRUS QR4 is designed to raise and lower basketball backstops from a BB-11 wall swing-up type to BB-17 ceiling mounted units. The 3/4HP winch with a newly designed limit switch has an instantly reversing motor that delivers 1250 pounds of line pull at a speed of 9 ft/minute. A large grooved cable drum ensures long cable life and proper coiling. Positive locking in worm gear provides a strong hold under load. Has maintenance free operation. Remote receivers and control systems available separately. Weight 31.751 Kg (70 lbs.) QR4 LYNRUS Electric Winch • Fail-Safe - any failure of the checking mechanism will result in the immediate arrest of the reel. • Manufactured and tested to exceed industry standards. Verified by independent laboratory testing. Wt 7.7 Kg (17 lbs.) BB-49-WMK Wall Mounting Kit BB-49-BMK Beam Mounting Kit BB-48 Aut-O-Lok Safety strap for basketball backstops and gymnasium curtains. The Aut-O-Loc 2 is housed in a robust, heat treated cast aluminum housing that provides ultimate structural integrity when catching even the heaviest of loads. Sensing both speed and acceleration, the fail safe multi-pawl design actuates automatically and precisely when needed. Wt 9.07 Kg (20 lbs.) TW2000 QR4 TW700