GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 22 GYMNASIUM CURTAINS With all of the modern designs for sporting facilities, its no wonder this curtain system has become a must have for function and aesthetics. No matter the roof shape, and no matter the size, this curtain was designed to adapt to the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. With endless options, the Form-Fold is an extremely versatile divider curtain system that will meet any dividing needs beyond expectation. With potential drive speeds of 45 to 60 feet per minute, facility managers will not lose any time in transitioning from one activity to another. The sytem can adapt to any shaped structure, be it slope or flat, peak or butterfly, arch or catenary, or any type of combination as well. The system incorporates a cable lift operation that allows each cable to operate at different speeds providing variable heights. Flexible supports and ballast allow for the curtain to curve, slope or stretch to match the roof shape in the lowered and raised positions. This eliminates the need for heavy additional structure, and also provides a streamline look that won’t interfere with spectators view or with the facilities lighting system. The variable speed cables is one of QUED’s innovative creations, offering high speed operation in order to effectively provide facility operators with one less thing to worry about when managing their time. The construction of the curtain is very flexible with choices between 2 different weights of vinyl and the options of Sports Netting or Flexmesh. Further to these choices is QUED’s unique option for double layer vinyl at the field level offering safety to the patrons of the facility by hiding the lifting cables out of sight, and therefore out of harms way. This double layer feature also provides a great impact barrier as well. Combine these options with any of QUED’s standard options to find the ultimate divider curtain system for your space. When you choose the QUED Form-Fold, you can expect to get all the benefits of a high-end system without breaking your budget. The Form-Fold will provide years of reliable service at the right price, and it will not disappoint any expectations. Contact us for more information on how this divider curtain system might be perfect for your facility. QUED DIVIDER CURTAIN MODEL: #4-111 18 oz./sq.yd. All Vinyl #4-112 .61 kg./sq.m. Vinyl + 32 mm Coated Sport Net 18 oz./sq.yd. Vinyl + 1 1/4” Coated Sport Net #4-113 .61 kg./sq.m. All Vinyl + 5 mm Flexmesh 18 oz./sq.yd. Vinyl + 1 1/4” Flexmesh #4-114 .85 kg./sq.m. All Vinyl 25 oz./sq.yd. All Vinyl GC-5 Form-Fold Divider Curtain #4-115 .85 kg./sq.m. Vinyl + 32 mm Coated Sport Net 25 oz./sq.yd. Vinyl + 1 1/4” Coated Sport Net #4-116 .85 kg./sq.m. Vinyl + 5 mm Flexmesh 25 oz./sq.yd. Vinyl + 1 1/4” Flexmesh Priced per Job GC-3