GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 37 TETHERBALL POSTS RT-91T Tetherball Post For outdoor use, 60.452 mm (2 3 /8 ”) O.D. galvanized post. Permanent top eye. Ball not included. Shipping Wt. 19.1 Kg (42 lbs.) TETHERBALLS RT5 Tetherball size 5, rubber- composite, yellow, recessed hitch, 2743.2 mm (9’) rope. Shipping Wt. .5 Kg (1 lbs.) XT5D Tetherball size 5, revolutionary composite rubber technology with 5 times the durability of rubber. Super tacky sponge rubber feel. Rotationally wound. Dimpled cover Shipping Wt. .5 Kg (1 lbs.) RT5 RT-91T TENNIS POSTS High gloss epoxy finish. Colour dark green. 76.2 mm (3”) O.D. round 11 guage steel tubing. “D” ring attachments for quick easy net lacing. Rugged external take-up winding device. Detachable winder handle. Solid dome shaped post tops. Ground sleeves with weather caps included. TN-97 THE REGULATION POST Round-External Winder TENNIS NETS TN-L30DS LASALLE TENNIS NET Vinyl head band. Shipping Wt. 8.6 Kg (19 lbs.) TRIPLE HOOP GAME TR-2 - Triple Hoop Game complete with galvanized pole. If a primed and painted pole desired add $100.00. Shipping Wt. 36.3 Kg (80 lbs.) TR-2TOP - Triple Hoop Game - Top Only TR-2POST - Triple Hoop Game - Post Only T305 Pressureless Tennis Balls - Tube. T505 Pressureless Tennis Balls - Bag. T568 Force Composite Tennis Racquet T727 Power Aluminum Tennis Racquet T999 Elite Composite Tennis Racquet