GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 13 BASKETBALL COMPETITION BREAKAWAY GOALS BB-33 2000+ COLLEGIATE BREAKAWAY GOAL One of the most widely used goals on glass backboards. Universal goal mounting plate also accomodates other 1066.8 mm (42”) and 1219.2 mm (48”) rectangular and fan shaped backboards. Full steel wing brace design and continuous no-tie ring provides optimal rim strength. Positive lock pressure setting allows precise fly-back action. Front mount 16.002 mm (5/8”) X 457.2 mm (18”) single rim. 101.6 mm (4”) X 127 mm (5”) hole spacing. Anti-whip net and hardware included. Meets NCAA, NFHS & NAIA specifications. Adjustable positive lock mechanism complies with NCAA rim elasticity rules. For indoor use. 4 Year Limited* Warranty. Wt. 11.3 Kg ( 25 lbs.) BB-33 BB-32A/B MASTER 3000 BREAKAWAY GOAL The 3000’s breakaway mechanism is set to break at 72.575 Kg (160 lbs.) of pressure. Heat treated ball bearings and steel hardened springs create a positive lock pressure setting allowing precise fly- back action. No tie net attachment. 101.6 mm X 127 mm (4” X 5”) hole spacing. For indoor use. 10 Year Limited* Warranty on Breakaway Mechanism. 4 Year Limited* Warranty on Rim. Wt. 11.8 Kg (26 lbs.) BB-34-A/B SNAP BACK BREAKAWAY GOAL Used in pro arenas for over 2 decades. SuitableforusewithBB-29-RG1Rectangular 1219.2 mm x 1828.8 mm (48” x 72”) glass backboard. Fully adjustable positive lock mechanism is set at 104.33 kg. (230 lbs.) pressuresetting which results in a premium fly-back action. Meets NCAA, NFHS, NAIA and NBA® specifications. BB-34A mounting pattern 127 mm x 127 mm (5” x 5”) BB-34B mounting pattern 127 mm x 101.6 mm (5” x 4”) Net, net cord and hardware included. 10 Year Limited* Warranty on Breakaway Action. 5 Year Limited* Warranty on Rim. Wt.11.8 Kg 26 lbs. BB-34 BB-32 B B - 4 0 0 0 M D G M U L T I - DIRECTIONAL BREAKAWAYGOAL Thenew 4000Multi-DirectionalBreakaway Goal(MDG)isthesmoothest180degreerim availableonthecourt.Smoothspringaction setting allows for premium fly-back action. Unique design allows goal to break in all directions using even force. Full steel wing brace design provides optimal rim strength. Goal is powder-coated to protect from environmental elements.Recommended Backboards:Competitionglass.Adjustable positive lock mechanism complies with NCAA rim elasticity rule. For indoor use. 5 Year Limited* Warranty on Rim. 101.6 mm X 127 mm (4” X 5”) Hole spacing. Wt.10.9 Kg 24 lbs. BB-4000 INDOOR GYMNASIUM BACKBOARD PACKAGE Choosing the right backboard, cushion edge and goal for heavy duty, unsupervised play has just become easier. Configuration meets NCAA, NAIA & NFHS specifications. This convenient package includes: • BB-29-RG2 1066.8 mm x 1828.8 mm (42” X 72”) Official Aluminum-Framed Glass Backboard • BB-33 Collegiate 2000+ Breakaway Rim • BB-44 Bolt-On Pro Mold® Backboard Padding (specify colour) - Black - Yellow - Kelly Green - Maroon - Purple - Forest Green - Scarlet - Gray - Royal Blue - Navy Blue - Gold - Brown - Columbia Blue - Cardinal BACKBDPKGE Wt. 119.75 Kg (264 lbs) *Limited applies to manufacturers defects only. Does not cover abuse, misuse, incorrect installation, transit or weather related damages.