GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 21 GYMNASIUM CURTAINS GC-3 Isolator Divider Gymnasium Curtain The Isolator Acoustic Roll Up Divider Curtain having a single upper panel and two (2) lower panels. The lower panels are not interconnected and are separated by 140 mm (5 _”) spacing, terminating in pockets to accommodate 32 mm (1 _”) ballast pipes that rest on the floor. This prevents contact from impacts from one side of the curtain to the other. This curtain has superior sound deadening than a single wall curtain regardless of weight. Curtain can be supplied with a flexmesh top section that may be required for light and heat considerations. The system includes a 2 hp, 3-phase tubular motor installed in one end of a custom anodized 140 mm (5 1/2”) aluminum extrusion at half curtain height. Motor is thermally protected and contains an electric brake, planetary gear system and limit switches. Motor control is by electric contactors operated by a spring-loaded key switch. When energized, the motor and center aluminum extru- sion rotates, this results in the tube winding up the lower portion of the curtain as it rolls itself up the upper portion of the curtain. The torque reaction of the motor is transmitted via a car system that is contained in a track mechanism mounted to the wall in line with the curtain from half height up to the overhead. QUED DIVIDER CURTAIN MODEL: #4-21 .61 kg./sq.m. All Vinyl 18 oz./sq.yd. All Vinyl #4-22 .61 kg./sq.m. Vinyl + 5 mm Flexmesh 18 oz./sq.yd. Vinyl + 1/4” Flexmesh #4-23 .85 kg./sq.m. All Vinyl 25 oz./sq.yd. All Vinyl #4-24 .85 kg./sq.m. Vinyl + 5 mm Flexmesh 25 oz./sq.yd. Vinyl + 1/4” Flexmesh • Patented Center Roll up design • High lift for maximum clearance, 381 mm (15”) to underside of beam • No stress points as entire curtain rolls up evenly across the entire length (width) • No oversized overhead structure required to accommodate a heavy concentrated load • 30 ft./min. raising and lowering speed • Built in electric brake • Inertia brake • Manual override, (optional) • 240V 3 phase power • Smooth wrinkle free appearance of curtain • No routine maintenance required • Made from three (3) separate replaceable panels • 5 year warranty on motor • 2 year warranty on vinyl curtain Priced per Job