GYMNASIUM & HEALTH EQUIPMENT Limited 800 564 5708 (Ontario) 416 291 5545 FAX: 416 291 8664 15 BASKETBALL BB-30 REAR MOUNT FIXED GOAL NYLON NET STANDARD goal suitable for most fan- shaped backboards. Rear mount 457.2 mm (18”) single ring of 16 mm (5 /8 ”) round steel with no tie’ net holders on underside and reinforcement for almost half of its circumference with 4.7752 mm x 38.1 mm (3 /16 ” x 11 /2 ”) steel braces. Powder coated to protect from environmental elements. 101.6 mm (4”) X 98.552 mm (3 7/8”) hole spacing. Net and hardware included. 1 Year Limited* Warranty. Wt. 8.2 Kg (18 lbs.) BB-30 BACK MOUNT GOALS BB-30-S SUPER REAR MOUNT FIXED GOAL NYLON NET SUPER goal suitable for most fan-shaped backboards. Affordable yet superior performance playground goal. Rear mount 457.2 mm (18”) double ring of 16 mm x 12.7 mm (5 /8 ”X 1 /2 ”) round steel with heavy steel brace.Powdercoated officialorange finish. Net and hardware included. 2 Year Limited* Warranty. Wt. 9.1 kg (20 lbs.) BB-30-S BB-66 6600 SCHOLASTIC REAR MOUNTBREAKAWAYGOAL Designedforhighschoolsandplaygrounds thatarecontinuallyreplacingbentrims.The BB-66 is designed for BB-22 fan-shaped steel backboards and fits most other back mount boards. Rear mount 16 mm (5/8”) X 457.2 mm (18”) single rim with heavy steel brace. 101.6 mm (4”) X 98.552 mm (3 7/8”) hole spacing. Continuous no tie ring provides optimal rim strength. Net and hardware included. 2 Year Limited* Warranty. Wt. 11.8 kg (26 lbs.) BB-66 GARED PRO® SERIES OUTDOOR/PLAYGROUND BASKETBALL Play like the pros in your own backyard with the NEW GARED PRO® SERIES ADJUSTABLE BASKETBALL SYSTEM! Height adjustable actuator mechanism allows board to easily adjust from 2286 mm to 3048 mm (7 1/2’ to 10’). Large actuator with 90° handle makes it easy for all ages to raise and lower the system. Square heavy guage-steel post with 4.7752 mm (3/16”) wall thicknes provides superior strength and durability. Bolt-to-ground post design allows for no-hassle installation and portability of unit. Post is powder coated black for protection against harsh weather elements. Heavy tubular lower arm provides a direct-goal attachment for backboard and rim. Backboard braces extend to the outer corners of the backboard, allowing for a clear, unobstructed view during play. Backboard is comprised of glass with direct mount attachment to a heavy steel welded uniframe for extra support and safer play. Board features a white target and border and square corners for a professional, arena-style look. Heavy duty breakway goal with nylon net stands up to any level of competitive play. Premium board and pole padding are optional. • 152.4 mm X 203.2 mm (6” X 8”) post with 1219.2 mm (48”) extension. • Heavy 50.8 mm X 127 mm (2” X 5”) tubular lower arm with direct goal attachment. • Backboard braces extending to outer corners of board. • 1066.8 mm X 1828.8 mm X 12.7 mm (42” X 72” X 1/2”) glass backboard. • BB-33 (GARED® 2000+) Collegiate breakaway goal with nylon net. • Quick-ConnectTM system for superior backboard and goal mount removal. BBPLAYPKGE Wt. 267.2 Kg (589 lbs.) *Limited applies to manufacturers defects only. Does not cover abuse, misuse, incorrect installation, transit or weather related damages.